Managing a project is a matter of discipline in the execution and adaptability in the development.

The management of a complex project consists in the first place in the analysis of the various tasks and their rigourous assignment. But it must be abble to adapt in its implementation, accordingly to the technical and/or creative evolutions, in order to result in a dynamic product.

Our recent projects

Communication strategy

Implementation of a new digital communication strategy for the french company La Riviere Distribution, importer/distributors of high range cosmetics, with the objective of giving them a better visibility in the internet –

  • Redesign of the corporate website, the merchant site and the french site dedicated to the main brand Revitalash.
  • Creation of 3 Instagram pages and community management
  • Newsletters
  • Communication with custommers, programmers, graphic designers, lawyers, influencers, and trade exhibition organizers.
  • Press relations
  • Maintenance of the websites and server


Online Magazine

City shopping guide / Blog

Tactually invites you to discover cities (mainly in Germany) through a selection of independant shops, cafés and innovative merchant concepts.
Web design, creation of content, content management, reportages, interviews, guided tours, Facebook, marketing.

Research: Sybille  Seagon
German editor: Susanne Jung
Graphic design, FB: Katja Maibaum-Komma
Webmaster : C.Weber-Lenk/



Interactive website that retraces the trails of Marco Polo between Venice and Bejing.

Original concept inspired by the documentary series « Marco Polo Reloaded » from Along Mekong Productions.

Browsing through themes at different levels  – cities, portraits, means of  transportation, ” excerps from Marco Polo’s book « Il Millione »,
travel notes,…
Multimedia: vidéos, audios, photos, Flash animation.

Conception with Rolf Lambert and Bernd Girrbach – Along Mekong Prod.
Realisation with Daniel Doebel – schalldicht-polymedia



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